A Curated Collection of Textiles & a Few Beans.




Featured Collection

La Figura Boheme

Three-bin set of Italian-inspired textiles which includes solids, textures and patterns woven in Europe.  With the peace of mind of sustainable design, easy clean finish and an abundance of textures, this collection is now hitting the streets.

Vittorio II

A full on outdoor collection with indoor textures made from 100% recycled yarns wearing our easy clean finish, Vittorio II is a smashingly smart addition to our already extensive outdoor line up.

Vittorio II will land indoors for sure!

New for 2022

And just like that, we are in 2022 looking for freshness, inspiration and discovery.

Check back often and frequently as weekly releases are happening!


3S Core Vinyl Collection

Richness in Texture, Color and Leather Grain

Featured Bleach-Cleanable Textiles

Natural, Soft, Green & Performance Driven

S I L I C O N E  Textiles

Inherently Green Fabrics

Spreading Our Love

We share 1% of our profits with these and other environmental nonprofits that work toward finding solutions to food shortages, climate change, land and water pollution and endangered wildlife. We believe strongly that we must work now to protect the future of our great planet and her resources.