The all-new Aspect collection is made up of vinyl, polyurethane, and silicone textiles that assert a wide range of both natural grains and modern textures and colors.

The textiles in the ASPECT collection were carefully curated and inspired by the many parts that contribute to an overall design and the perspective that is offered therein. The collection houses two versatile indoor-outdoor patterns along with a number of super-soft mixed silicone textiles, and high performance vinyls in a multitude of textures and colors.

Forward Performance

All textiles in the ASPECT collection meet all heavy duty performance guidelines, are bleach-cleanable, and have a minimum abrasion of 100,000 double rubs. These high-density fabrics were built for business and are extraordinarily durable, waterproof, and inherently stain and soil resistant. The MONACO and MADRIGAL patterns additionally meet requirements for outdoor use and are offered in a multitude vibrant colorways.

New Textures and Patterns

A number of super-soft mixed silicone fabrics are housed in the collection, including CICADA, PROFILA, VALLARTA, and SIREN patterns. The BARTHOLOMEW and CAMEROON patterns mimic raffia but with the exemplary performance of vinyl. And lastly, the FOLLY and RIVES patterns offer a modern aesthetic with the exemplary performance of vinyl. The versatile  MONACO and MADRIGAL patterns can also be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Refreshed Color Palette

The colors offered within each pattern of the ASPECT collection are fresh, focused and contemporary. Neutrals in an abundant range are housed alongside a more forward palette of dimensional greens, blues, and warmer tones that can meet any design vision. Careful consideration was given to color properties in relation to each pattern’s attributes and their intended application.

Featured Patterns in the Aspect Collection

BARTHOLOMEW Cracked Hazelnut
CAMEROON Amber Glass
CICADA Powder Blue
MONACO Biscayne Bay
PROFILA Chocolate Factory
RIVES Lettuces
SIREN Salted Caramel
VALLARTA Cappucino

ASPECT fabrics are safe both for people and for the environment.  Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate guarantees that the fabrics are free from harmful substances and allergens. The fabrics are all PFAs-Free while at the same time taking care of the environment, social conditions and control of chemicals used that are safe both for humans and the environment.