High end upholstery collection inspired by the lifestyle on the Amalfi Coast 

The all-new Amalfi collection expands our understanding of modern luxury upholstery. The intricate woven patterns perfectly balance chunky weaves with contemporary colors to create beautifully textured fabrics that pop.

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All textiles in the ASPECT collection meet all heavy duty performance guidelines, are bleach-cleanable, and have a minimum abrasion of 100,000 double rubs. 

The ASPECT collection was carefully curated and inspired by the many parts that contribute to an overall design and the perspective that is offered therein. The collection houses two versatile indoor-outdoor patterns along with a number of super-soft mixed silicone textiles, and high performance vinyls in a multitude of textures and colors.

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Inspired assembly of unique patterned upholstery, designed to meet the exacting needs of hospitality design.

Influenced by idols of fashion and the idyllic beauty of lush natural elements, the all-new IDYL collection seeks to inspire new limits in textile design. Vibrant colors and innovative patterns abound in this spirited collection of performance upholstery.

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Modern meets traditional in this vibrant collection of 100% Italian-made upholstery

Inspired by the coastal Italian city, the Napoli collection asserts both modern and traditional patterns and textures. The Napoli color palette pairs warm, autumnal shades with brighter, summertime hues to bring this assembly to life. Chunky, multi-tonal textures meet vibrant deco-like geometric patterns in this energetic collection of 100% Italian-made, contract upholstery.  

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La Figura Boheme

Dynamic collection of Italian inspired upholstery that meets all performance guidelines for commercial use.

Our newest upholstery collection takes from the illustrious heritage of Italian design with its sophisticated color combinations, simple shapes and emphasis on quality. No detail was spared in the creation of these textured solids and unique dimensional patterns. The color range in the La Figura collection is modern and prominent in contrast, blacks and neutrals and warm tones.

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A turn-key indoor-outdoor upholstery collection of  dynamic patterns, luxurious textures and heavy duty outdoor vinyls.  

Vittorio Outdoor offers turn-key outdoor textile solutions. Heavy duty, bleach cleanable outdoor vinyls are paired with outdoor boucle and high performance woven textiles in patterns ranging from a classic wide stripe to a vibrant tribal motif.

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VOLT & MONT – a two-part upholstery collection that reflects the differing philosophies of two of the world’s greatest thinkers.

VOLTAIRE, one of history’s most eminent philosophers, gifted the world with higher thinking that emphasized restraint and rationality. These abundantly versatile textured neutrals and cool toned blues and greens express a calm and comfortable color palette

MONTESQUIE –an insatiably curious philosopher intrigued with power, Montesquieu understood the importance of balance. These ultra-textured and warm-toned textiles are balanced with diverse neutrals

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Introducing the new Lumin Drapery Collection: a bold assembly of sheer drapery

Not many things can impact a space so completely as the presence and absence of light. The drapery in the Lumin collection spans modern geometric sheers, to  multi-dimensional, embroidered sheers

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Robust assembly of 100% Solution-dyed Polyester with a woven laminated backing. All one hundred colorways are offered with inherent stain and soil resistance.

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High-tech textiles that combine the beauty and textural depth of a true woven with the performance, cleanability and safety of a coated fabric

We kept asking ourselves “what is it?” because it doesn’t fit in any of the boxes we have come to know. This enormously versatile fused fabric combines the classic aesthetic and texture of a woven fabric with the durability and performance of a coated fabric. Just wow. This new hybrid textile is engineered by bonding the durable components used in high performance coated textiles to traditionally woven textiles using an innovative new chemical technology. What it does not have is a top coat finish with a limited lifespan, as some other products offer. “What is it?” is a collection of out of the box, cutting edge textiles that are stain and ink resistant, bleach cleanable, impermeable to liquids, and pass over one million double rubs, making it suitable for any and all high-traffic and performance applications.

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Core collection of COVID compliant PVC vinyl textiles that are inherently hygienic, stain resistant, and offered in robust patterns and colors in value driven price points.  

There is no time like now to go back to the basics. We can’t uninstall these past years just because they have a virus, but we can Reboot and we can look to a brighter, cleaner and more functional future. The new Reboot collection is just what we need at this very moment in time – a COVID compliant collection of solid, textured vinyl fabrics that have the exact cleanability and performance standards recommended by the CDC. Explore the accessible, versatile and value driven Reboot collection and let’s get back to basics.

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High-end vegan leathers and modern textured coated fabrics

A more sustainable choice to animal-derived hides, these vegan textiles create warmth and dimension in spaces that can offer a masculine balance to softer and lighter elements or pops of color and texture that contribute to more striking interiors. For the Sustain collection, we have pulled together some of our favorite animal-free fabrics with sheens that vary from light absorbing matte to glossier finishes and hands that range from soft and crackled to more structured and modern.

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Special curation of unique, dimensional textiles with voice and verve – Cru upholstery textiles are either buttery soft silicones or polyurethanes and are offered in varied textures and patterns, mattes and metallics.

It is no secret that we are lovers of all things quality and have a particular penchant for exceptional wine. In la France, the motherland of great wine, a Cru classification designates superior quality and distinction – something that is shared with every single fabric in this special collection. The new Cru Collection contains some of the most unique patterns and colors, many of which have elevated performance features and varied applications. Included in CRU are many textiles with metallic patinas that range from earthy to glamorous and all have a soft and luxurious hand.

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