Three Sheep & A Mill:  ONE

Three sheep and about one thousand objectives, but only ONE purpose: to promote diverse and innovative design in our ever-expanding line of textiles while supporting some of the most effective philanthropic organizations through volunteerism and giving. We have long supported the safeguarding of Loggerhead Sea Turtles which have been put at great risk in recent years. Through the help of organizations like the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, FL, Sea Turtle populations are on the rise.

Spreading Our Love

We share 1% of our profits with these and other environmental nonprofits that work toward finding solutions to food shortages, climate change, land and water pollution and endangered wildlife. We believe strongly that we must work now to protect the future of our great planet and her resources.

The Three Passions of Three Sheep


At Three Sheep and a Mill, we love our people! As an employee-owned and people-centric firm, we hold diversity, life balance and free-thinking creativity among our staff and customers absolutely paramount. We love to work with textile mills and designers who are keen on innovation and out of the box thinking. And of course, we are always on the hunt for the most interesting coffees from around the world and we love sharing our finds with our friends. Here at Three Sheep and a Mill, we believe that we can only live our best life doing what we love.


Our contract-grade textile collections are sourced from around the world and include a wide array of high performance woven and sheer textiles, as well as durable coated textiles that meet today’s highest commercial standards. Our products are specified by designers in hospitality, education, healthcare and retail sectors for their uniqueness, performance, quality and our commitment to excellent customer service. We want to share our love of great design with the world and we encourage you to check out our latest collections!


Ethiopian Dry-Processed and heirloom bean varietals:  it’s what dreams are made of in the coffee world. Just like the world’s best coffee farms, Three Sheep and a Mill relies on the people and the process.  From the farmer using the structure of the fair trade to the process of minimal intervention, we only source and roast the highest quality beans with most personality.  Ask us for some, we love sharing.