Influenced by idols of fashion and the idyllic beauty of lush natural elements, the all-new IDYL collection seeks to inspire new limits in textile design. Vibrant colors and innovative patterns abound in this spirited collection of high performance upholstery.

IDYL textiles are woven with high-style and genuine uniqueness, in timeless, natural color range.  The collection is home to a number of organic-geometric patterns, embossed velvets, and forward-thinking solid textures. The color palette is both sophisticated and nuanced with tomato reds, water-driven blues, and earthy greens to name a few. The patterns you will see speak to the classics of the past, the modernity of now and the brightness of a fashion-forward future.

Patterns housed in the collection include HERMIONE, BESTIA and MAJORELLE which are so original and fresh, with their organic and geometric presentation. The printed and embossed OMEN VELVETS are offered in 25 distinct colorways while the CORINTH and CHANIA patterns offer classic herringbone-like patterns famous in fashion discovery. Additionally, the PILOS and VOLOS patterns have a gorgeous chenille hand and offer versatile geometrics while the APOLLO and BRUGES patterns have incredible dimension and color vibrancy.

Featured Patterns in the Idyl Collection

APOLLO Samosa Brown
BESTIA Lavande
BRUGES Rainforest
CHANIA Pretty Lady
CORINTH Tomato Jam
HERMIONE Morning Moon
PILOS Soccer Field
VOLOS Gray Parrot

Our ONE Initiative allows us dedicate 1% of our profits toward efforts that help protect and preserve endangered Sea Turtle populations. With help from the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, FL, we are able to contribute to the continued safeguarding of these majestic creatures.